Monday, 6 October 2014

Getting in touch with my inner Tarzan

Yesterday 7 of us did the Go Ape course at Trent Country Park in North London.  It was an amazing experience.

In case anyone is not familiar with Go Ape, it is a sort of aerial obstacle course or high ropes forest adventure, that sort of thing.

After getting kitted up with sit harnesses and karabiners and then having our introductory training, we were ready to tackle the course.  Well sort of ready - we didn't know what to expect.

The zip wires were exhilarating, especially the skateboard zip and long final one.  The Tarzan swings were exhausting, and those swinging rope steps and swaying barrels were just horrible.

After finishing the course, we went to the cafe for coffee and cakes and then went for a stroll to see the old Sassoon mansion, now part of Middlesex University.  But we were in for a shock - the university's iconic Trent Park campus is now derelict.  The students have gone and the buildings empty and fenced off from the rest of the park by tape and fences.