Thursday, 9 April 2015

Belated spring post.

I've not posted for a while, so there are lots of things I could talk about: my new double-glazing, new cooker (5th time successful!), progress with my dissertation  or other various projects that are still incubating,

But instead of any of that I am going to talk about...

Frog Sprawn
The frogs actually got busy in my pond a few weeks ago (see photographic evidence) but I talking about it now because it is one of signs of spring and this is a belated spring post.  I love everything to do with spring:  daffodils, trees in blossom, warmer weather, clocks going forward etc etc.

If you consider seasons to be archetypes, then spring symbolises the world waking up again after its long winter sleepover.   Yes, this may sound hackneyed but it is still true (or true for me anyway).


  1. Wow impressive , any idea what sort of frog?

  2. No, will have to wait for the tadpoles to grow up

    Some of the have hatched already but they just look like tiny tadpoles at this stage.