Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The iron men of Crosby Beach

On a short visit to Liverpool last week. We stayed at the iconic Adelphi Hotel and explored the city, port and museums and galleries including the Lady Lever Gallery at Port Sunlight.

One day we went for a walk among the Iron men of Crosby Beach.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

End of the year in the Cote D'Azure

We spent the last week of 2014 in Nice on the Cote D'Azure, a great destination for short breaks in winter.  There are lots of flights at reasonable prices and if you book well in advance you can also get good deals on train fares from London.

It is often very sunny in winter due to the local microclimate and there is an excellent and very cheap public transport system: trams, buses, SNCF trains and the only private railway in France - Nice to Dignes les Bains.  The latter is the surviving part of the once extensive Chemins de Fer de Provence.

There are coastal walks, walks in the hills, deserted hilltop forts and medieval villages with dark narrow streets which hide the sun.