Treasure Hunts in London

I will be researching a number of treasure hunts in London over the next year or so and plan to put them up here as others might enjoy them.  Feel free to add comments.

Wapping and Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt (2.5 hours)
Exit Tower Hill tube into Trinity Square Gardens.  In this park was once the site of Tower Hill Scaffold, the site of many public executions.  It is now a more tranquil place containing some moving memorials. The treasure hunt starts from here and the first clue is in this park.

1/Find the boy riding the dolphin.  How many seahorses?
Turn back towards Tower Hill tube station.   When you are standing in front of the tube station exit turn left towards The Tower.  Go down the steps into the underpass.   Go under the road towards the Tower, following signs for St Katherine’s Dock.  Admire the remains of the medieval postern gate.  Turn left, continuing to follow signs for St Katherine’s Dock with views of the Tower on your right. 
2/ What is the penalty for littering in Tower Gardens?
Go under another underpass (Tower Bridge Approach Subway).  Keep following the signs for St Katherine’s Docks. 
3/What King gave 13 Acres to 13 Knights?
4/What is the phone number for the Data Controller
5/What Motorway is the Fine Art Gallery named after?
To the left of the red phone box, follow underpass signposted for Ivory House Shops, Marble Quay, Yacht Club, St Katherines Lock, Riverside Walk and Thames Park.  After emerging turn left following signs for Marble Quay, Dickens Inn, Yacht Club, St Katherine’s Lock and St Katherine’s Pier.

6/What nationality was the ship that foundered off Hastings 200 years ago?
Follow the path round to the right, past the Masala Indian restaurant (Marble Quay) and turn left down the side of the restaurant. Turn left into Mews st and stay on Mews St when it turns to the right.  Mews St emerges onto a larger road with a sign for Waitrose Car Park.  Turn right on this road (St Thomas More St).  Go past Waitrose itself.  Turn right at the T junction (still St Thomas More St).  This leads to St Katherine’s Way and then onto Riverside Walkway with magnificent views of the river and the city.  Turn right on Riverside Walkway (alongside Riviera Court) in the direction of the Tower. 
8/What domestic servant is represented in the name huge wharf buildings opposite.  
At the end of Riverside Walkway follow it back round to the right back into St Katherine’s Way.  Turn Right into Wapping High St.  Behind the Boris bike stands is a park – Hermitage Riverside Memorial Garden.
9/Who designed the memorial sculpture?
Exit the park back to Wapping High st and continue along, past modern flats built in the style of renovated wharves.  Wapping High St was first built in 1570 and once held 36 pubs for sailors, dockers and related trades.
Eventually you come to the Pierhead Houses with an alley beside them leading to the Thames.   These handsome Georgian houses were built in 1811-1813 for dock officials and were on either side of the entrance to the original London Docks (now filled in).  Go down the alley and admire the view of the river and Tower Bridge.

Return to Wapping High St and continue along to a pub called the Town of Ramsgate.  Go down the alley beside the pub which leads to Wapping Old Stairs.  Convicted Pirates bodies were taken here after execution and tied to a stake at the bottom of the stairs and three tides were allowed to wash over them.  Captain Kidd suffered that fate in 1701.
11/  If the tide is low enough, go down the stairs and count how many steps down to the river “shore”.   Otherwise, you can try asking in the pub. 
Go back to Wapping High St past the Metropolitan Marine Police.
12/When were they founded?
Continue past Captain Kidd pub to Wapping Overground station. You now need to take the train under the river to Rotherhithe.
13/When was the tunnel under the Thames completed?
Exit Rotherhithe station.  Turn left and then left again along a small alley leading to Railway Avenue.  Go past the Brunel Museum and Brunel Engine House.  The latter was part of the original infrastructure for the nearby Thames Tunnel built in 1825 and housed machinery for draining the tunnel.  The tunnel was originally designed for horse-drawn carriages but only used by pedestrians.  The tunnel's disused original entrance shafts were later converted into the modern stations and the tunnel is now used by the Overground.

14/In 1828 who was pulled half-drowned from the flooded shaft?
Turn left along at the end of Railway Ave and go along Rotherhithe St.  Soon you will see the Mayflower pub on your right.  It was from this pub in Rotherhithe in 1620 that the Mayflower ship set sail America with the Pilgrim Fathers.

15/How far is the pub from London Bridge?
Continue along Rotherhithe St.  There is a church with clock tower on your left.

 16/Why was the tower once in imminent danger of ruin?
Continue along Rotherhithe St which becomes a narrow alley and then opens out into another road.  Follow signs for Thames path and continue along the river (magnificent views).

The Angel pub is on the right.  The treasure hunt finishes there, but don’t go in just yet.   Opposite the pub are the remains of King Edward III’s manor house. 
Q17In what century was this site used as a pottery?
Now you can go into the Angel.   Have a nice drink - you've finished!

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