Saturday, 8 February 2014

I've finished my Herceptin treatment.

Last Thursday was the last of my Herceptin treatments.  Yippee!

A huge thank you to the chemo nurses and reception staff at Ward 7A at Barts.  Your kind and friendly manner made a big difference to me, and also, I'm sure, to others who pass through your doors.

I just hope it all works and I never come back!

My first session on a cold dark November day over a year ago seems a long way off now.   The nausea and vomiting after FEC was the worst ever, but at least it only lasted a couple of days per cycle.  Fortunately I only had 3 cycles of FEC and then moved onto Herceptin and Taxotere.  There were more symptoms with Taxotere but at least you skip the nausea and vomiting...

To all who are about to start a year of treatment, keep remembering the old Persian proverb:  "This too shall pass"

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