Saturday, 8 March 2014

Date for DIEP reconstruction

I now have a date with DIEP: Saturday 5th April.

It will very good to get it over with, but I can't help feeling a little apprehensive - what if it all goes wrong?  It is a very long operation - 6 hours or so - and although I've had quite a few operations in my time, I've never had a really long one. I just hope I wake up at the end!

I won't bother describing the DIEP procedure - if you want to know you can google it and many of you who are reading this blog entry will know what is.  I've been studying various  websites with images wondering exactly how mine will turn out.  The quality of the cosmetic outcome does seem quite variable although most people are pleased with the result.  Patient satisfaction may well depend on where you started from.

When you think about it, DIEP is a nice concept.  Getting rid of abdominal fat and putting it to good use elsewhere.  I hope the recovery period is not too long or too unpleasant...


  1. really hope all goes well for you, and that the result is all you wish it to be. It's a long old journey, isn't it. No experience of DIEP as I had immediate LD, but thoughts with you as the date draws near.

  2. Thanks Catriona. It will be the longest operation I've yet had by far (and I've had a few over the years).

    Just want to get it over and done now.