Friday, 25 April 2014

Making inroads into Footsteps

During my recuperation, I have still managed to do some work on Footsteps.  It has been in fits and starts as my concentration is not fully functional yet.

Today was spent working on a chapter in which Ellie finds out what is in the old box she found under the floorboards.  Of course I'm not going to tell you here what she discovered.  You will have to read the book.  When it is completed and published that is.

I made a decision at the outset to try out the Snowflake method for planning, plot and characterisation.  I found it incredibly useful at the start.  Even my incomplete Snowflake plan was enough to give me the confidence to finally start writing.

I've more or less been following the plan for the first eight chapters, but it will soon be time to give my Snowflake an overhaul and update.   This will be the time for more detailed planning of the next 8 chapters.

Yes I know what Hemmingway said about first drafts.  Footsteps will end up being re-written several times before it is complete.  However without any planning I don't think I would even get to the re-writing stage.

Novel writing is always a marathon, never a sprint.

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