Monday, 17 August 2015

Dog Days

To the ancient Greeks and Romans, dog days corresponded to the period in late summer when Sirius was visible above the horizon.  They believed that dog days were an unhealthy time of year, a time of heat, humidity, fever, and even war and disaster.

This year, I've spent part of the dog days in clearing out old papers that accumulate in cupboards and filing cabinets because I've never had the time or inclination to go through them.  I've also been giving away various pieces of furniture and kit I no longer use (with the help of Freegle and Streetlife).

In the process I've discovered that de-cluttering makes you feel good, as well as providing more space and making it easier find things, lost or forgotten, that are actually useful

Perhaps there is a metaphor here.  Our ideas and attitudes can become more cluttered as we get older to the extent that they can clog up our outlook on life.  If we suddenly we decide to just let useless things go, will we see the world more clearly?  Perhaps.

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