Friday, 18 October 2013

Robotic pets

I love robots, especially cleaning robots.

My oldest cleaning robot is Ron, a Roomba 520.  I've had him for nearly 2 years and he has changed my life. I hate hoovering and used to put it off until my house was pleading for it then vacuumed madly for hours until my house was clean, then the cycle would begin again.  But once Ron arrived he took all this off my hands and now the house is reasonably clean most of the time.

A month ago I got Don, a dashing Roomba 770.  He's gorgeous and takes care of my downstairs, getting up early to make sure the place is clean each morning.  Ron now has just upstairs duties, but he doesn't complain.

A few days ago, I got Sam, a cute Scooba 230 floor washing robot.  At the moment he is washing my kitchen floor, which I always put off because I hate washing floors.

I'm sitting here contentedly listening to my house robots hard at work wondering why people employ (human) cleaners who need to be paid.  Or keep animals as pets and then have to clean up after them.

But could Ron, Don and Sam be deceiving me and secretly plan to take over the world?  Maybe, but my house has never looked cleaner...

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