Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Swimming across the channel

I've been wanting to get back to swimming for a long long time, but it was one thing after another that kept me out the pool.  Today I had my first proper swim for over 10 years.

There were a few teething problems - I won't use that nose clip next time and I had to practice a bit before I would swim whole lengths ago.  Once I settled down to it, I gradually swam 30 lengths (with little rests after each length).  Rubbish I know, but at least I've restarted.

To keep myself motivated, I'm logging my swims on the Swimfit website and set myself a target to swim across the channel (22 miles) in my local pool.  My effort today meant that I've completed just over 2% of the distance.  So I've leaving Dover behind and I'm on my way to France.

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