Sunday, 22 June 2014

Demons of Ghent - a supernatural thriller with intriguing subplots.

I've just finished reading Helen's Grant's latest book - The Demons of Ghent - the second novel in her Silent Spaces Trilogy.  I mainly borrow from my local library, but I decided to buy this one rather than wait for it to appear in the library.

Veerle is now living in Ghent, but finds it hard to settle down to a new school and life with her father and his unsympathetic partner.  She makes friends with Bram, a local boy, who introduces her to his hobby - climbing and exploring the rooftops of Ghent.  He tells her about a local legend involving a old painting, demons on the rooftops and some long undead local citizens

After hearing about several unexplained deaths, Veerle and Bram witness the murder of one of Bram's friends on the rooftops.  As well as danger from whoever or whatever is stalking the streets and rooftops, Veerle's escapades bring her into conflict with her family and also with her boyfriend Kris.

The book is a little slow at the start, but the tension gradually builds to a white knuckle climax.  Veerle's complicated personal life adds another dimension to the plot which keeps the pages turning.

Despite not being quite as good as the first novel in the trilogy (Silent Saturday), this book is a great read for anyone who likes creepy YA fiction with strong characterisation.

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