Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ways to See a Ghost

I have just finished reading Ways to See a Ghost by Emily Diamond.

It is a story about a two teenagers, Gray and Isis, and their interactions with ghosts, UFOs, spirits, clairvoyants and other strange forces.

Is it a ghost story?  Well, sort of.  The main ghost characters - Angel and Mandeville not malevolent.  But there is supernatural evil in the form of a horrible creature that threatens both ghosts and humans.

Along the way, we encounter UFO sightings, seances, a society of fake clairvoyants, and a bunch of avid but nutty UFO hunters

Both Gray and Isis have complicated relationships with their parents and this gives the story an interesting and sometimes funny subplot.

However in some places the writing was too verbose and the pace tended to slow rather than pick up towards the end.

I have given it 3 stars.

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