Sunday, 4 August 2013

Unhappy Campers

The mice ate our tent!   Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Our Vango Nevis - which we've only had a few years - has been ruined by mice (or possibly larger rodents...).  I didn't know mice ate plastic and nylon, but they do - or at least they chew it to bits - possibly in order to convert the crumbs into a mouse bed or mouse house.

We've had to go out and buy a new tent.

This time we've gone for a smaller tent - an Outwell Birdland 3.

We kept our camping kit in a weather proof outbuilding, which we thought would be a safe place, but we were so wrong.  Mice also gnawed the gas hose for our stove, our airbed, and air pillow. The sleeping bags were untouched because they were in a plastic box with a well-fitting lid.

Some pictures of the devastation

We've now learnt (the hard way) about the 4th Happy Camper guideline:

4/ Store your camping kit in the house or else in plastic boxes with good lids.

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