Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Happy Campers

We are off camping for a week this August - I'm getting really excited....

Camping - at least in the summer - is a great way to have a holiday in my opinion.  That is, provided you bear in mind these guidelines:

1/  Choose your campsite carefully.  There are websites with huge listings campsites with information on facilities and reviews by other campers.  I like camp sites with trees and hedges which break up the site into "rooms".  Not so keep on big open fields.  Nice toilet and shower blocks are a must.

2/  Tents.  I like a roomy tent that you can stand up in.  Obviously if you are backpacking or cycle touring you have to go small and light, but if you are driving to the campsite you can have something more luxurious.  Two rooms tents are good - bedroom and sitting room/storage room.  If two people get a 3 to 6 person tent.

3/ Weather.  Don't go when it is really hot or really wet.  Anything in between is ideal.

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