Sunday, 29 September 2013

London Shine 2013

London Shine 2013 took place last night/early this morning.  I've not done many sponsored charity events before - only the London to Cambridge and London to Southend (cycle rides).  The spirit of the participants and organisers was great and it was interesting to see how busy and active London is in the small hours of the morning.  We used night buses to get home and they worked reasonably well - the service is so much better than in the bad old days.

We only did the half-marathon.  Yes, I know 13 miles is not far, but it is hard pavements all the way and I think this is the longest city walk I've ever done.  I've walked much further in a day - the furthest being 37 miles - but that was some years ago.  Since then I've had a knee replacement, cancer and a herniated disc and this  is the longest distance I've worked since my knee started to be problematic.

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