Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Cancer patient travels in outer space

Another visit to Mercury today.  No I've not gone mad - it is the name of my radiotherapy machine (as explained here).

After travelling to Mercury, I spent some time exploring some of the medieval streets of the City of London and dropping in at a few city churches. 

Did you know there are 48 churches and 10 church towers (sans church) in the square mile?  

Today I explored St Mary le Bow in Cheapside, St Lawrence Jewry in Gresham St (where I picked up a handy leaflet on the city churches), and St Annes and St Agnes further along Gresham St.  I saw outside of the remaining tower of St Alban in Wood St - not possible to go in as it is "private".  It was rather surreal to see this isolated tower in the middle of a road....

Then off to meet up with friend for dinner.

I've decided to visit all of the remaining city churches and towers during my 5 weeks of radiotherapy in the city.  Only another 45 churches and 9 towers to go!

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