Friday, 28 June 2013

The glass ceiling

I gazed up at the glass ceiling and watched the rain droplets form and reform. Hardly mesmerising, but it kept me occupied.  I was in a waiting area with a huge glass skylight of a ceiling waiting for a scan.

The new building at the Royal London is amazing.  In fact the whole site is a fascinating place to visit. I was early so I went for a wander.  The hospital site spans many streets with buildings of different ages, shapes and purposes.  Part of it is still functioning and part is a construction site. A large old-fashioned looking hospital is morphing into a large modern hospital.

I can see the need - newer building are more efficient to heat and maintain, and spreading the hospital over a large site probably never really made sense.  But I hope at least some of the iconic hospital buildings survive even as facades.

I was very impressed with the look and feel of the new buildings - my appointment was took place in  a ziggurat of blue glass.

And I did like that glass ceiling.

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