Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Country walking in north London

It was a lovely light evening yesterday.  I went with a few others on a walk through the north London countryside.  The north London countryside?  Yes really.

If you know where to go there are some brilliant country walks in suburban London. The most well known of these are the Capital Ring, London Loop and Green Chain, but there are many lesser-known walks, perhaps nicer because they are not so well-trodden.

We did a circuit from Hendon Central tube, about 6-7 miles.  Across a park with a rose garden, through narrow alleys between houses, past a 13th century church, and then through the old churchyard ablaze with flowers, along a lane to Sunny Hill with magnificent views.  Then across Copthall Fields, allotments, along a green "tunnel" by a hedge,up an ancient winding lane, picking up a sunken footpath beside back gardens, then taking the meandering path by the river Brent and though Brent Park.

We finished the walk with some drinks, crisps and conversation in a pub garden in Hendon before taking the tube home.

These long summer evenings are wonderful opportunities for country walks wherever you live and work.

Update:  I've added a separate page on books on country walks in London, here

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