Saturday, 20 July 2013

Finishing Silent Saturday on Friday

I've just finished reading the latest Helen Grant YA thriller:  Silent Saturday.

A 17-year-old Flemish girl, Veerle, tries to escape a claustrophobic relationship with her neurotic mother by joining a hidden society called the Koekoeken (Cuckoos).  The Koekoeken have an unusual and highly illegal hobby - they enjoy sneaking into other people's houses for the evening leaving no trace of their visit other than a good deed.

Initially the adrenalin-rush from these evening escapades and her developing relationship with Kris, another Koekoeken member, provides Veerle with much needed excitement.  But then two Koekoeken are murdered and another goes missing.  Just a series of coincidences or could one of them be a serial killer?

Veerle and Kris have a terrible dilemma: keep quiet about their suspicions or tell the police, which would mean exposing all the Koekoeken members and their illegal activities?

Silent Saturday has a strong main plot with plenty of twists and turns as well as cleverly interwoven sub-plots, interesting well-drawn characters and evocative descriptions enhanced by the masterful use of metaphors and similes.

Despite the somewhat ambiguous ending, this book makes it into my Top 100 Children's and YA Books.

I have now added this review to Amazon as there were only 6 other reviews of this book and it deserves more!

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