Sunday, 7 July 2013

Scans and Pains

I've had pain in my back and some weakness in one leg for some time now.  It started one weekend about 7 weeks ago.  The worst pain I've ever was running down my leg.

The pain improved within hours but I was left with a limp due to weakness.   This has improved with time, but I still have a weak foot and toes.  The pain in my back comes and goes, but might be becoming more frequent with time.

Recently I had a bone scan and an MRI of my lower spine.  I've not yet had the results of the bone scan or the official radiologist report of my MRI, but when I saw the oncologist on Friday he had a look at the MRI.

He couldn't see anything that looked like cancer.  Phew!  Such a relief.

It always looked like sciatica, but this nasty little thought kept whispering: What if it isn't sciatica?  What if...?

The doctor thought one of my discs was pressing on a nerve, so it sounds like a herniated disc.  I will make an appointment with my GP to see if physio will help.

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