Sunday, 1 September 2013

Getting rid of annoying adverts on Google and Facebook

It's great when you discover something really useful.

In recent weeks I've noticed that Facebook ads have become more intrusive - some of them even masquerading as Newsfeed!  So I Googled around and discovered that is really simple to remove/block them.  Here's what to do:

1/  Click that Cogwheel symbol on the upper right of the page.

2/  Choose Account Settings, then Adverts (in left hand column)

3/  Third Party sites - choose Edit and select No one and Save Changes

4/  You can do the same for Adverts&Friends if you wish - this also removes adverts of products your Friends have Liked.

Facebooking now becomes a happier experience.

But what about those annoying adverts you see when surfing?  You know the ones that show up on unrelated webpages but somehow reflecting your recent purchases or searches.  These are also pretty annoying.  I've also found out how to banish them as well.

Just get a free ad-on/extension/thingy for Google Chrome (also available for Firefox which I also use) called Adblock Plus, and voila, no more ads.  There are alternatives to Adblock Plus that seem to do something similar, but it is the only one I've actually tried.

It is amazing what you can discover just by putting the right phrase into Google...

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