Friday, 6 September 2013

The secret of tinned potatoes

I like potatoes, but I'm a bit particular about type and quality.  For some reason, I don't like those yellow types such as Desiree. Perhaps I just think potatoes should be white and fluffy. My favorites are King Edward and Maris Piper, but I can still be happy with anything just labelled "White Potatoes".

One of the big problems with potatoes is that they go rubbery very quickly in hot weather.  I'd almost given up buying spuds in summer until I discovered Tinned Potatoes.  We used them a couple of times on our last camping trip.  We took a couple of tins of Asda Smartprice and - guess what - they are actually quite nice.  Perhaps not as nice as fresh new potatoes, but tons nicer than potatoes that have gone rubbery.  We also bought some Co-op ones while we were away as this was the nearest supermarket, and these were nice too.

When we got back, we tried the Sainsbury's Basics ones, but these looked a bit yellower and had a slightly funny taste.  So we went back to the Asda ones.  At 13p a 550g tin containing about 350g of drained potatoes, this works out around half the price of fresh potatoes.  And there is no peeling, no wasted bits, and no throwing away potatoes gone green or rubbery.

I will probably go back to fresh potatoes in the winter when they keep longer, as they are a little nicer, but the discovery of tinned potatoes has revolutionised my summer eating habits.

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