Sunday, 8 September 2013

Messing around in boats: The Great River Race 2013

The Great River Race is an annual event on the Thames. We'd not seen it before, so this year we stood on Hungerford Bridge and watched the boats go through. It was brilliant!  Boats of every shape and size, propelled by rowers with vastly different levels of experience.

The distance is 21 miles, but they are travelling with the incoming tide which must make a huge difference.

After most of the boats had gone past we caught the train to Barnes Bridge and watched them all again.  It looks great fun and the rowers were all enjoying themselves immensely.

According to the website it is possible for even novices to take part.  You can hire out the boats as a package along with some basic training.

I want to do it next year!

We then walked along the Thames to Richmond and caught the tube home.

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